Beneath the Tumult: Featuring Morgaine Faye 2/18-3/16

By Marissa Alvarez
Posted in Events, on March 13, 2017

Morgaine Faye, an artist from Matt Wagner's book The Tall Trees of series, Portland edition, is currently being featured in the "Beneath the Tumult" show at the Talon Gallery. She, along with artists Caitlin Hackett, Kate O'Hara and Patricia Ariel, will have her artwork displayed until March 16th, so hurry in! Pieces are also available for sale. 

Contact the Gallery at:

E-Mail: (for purchases)

Call: (503) 284-6757

Or stop by and take a peek!

Here are a few picture of her artwork, featured in The Tall Trees of Portland.
If you are interested in checking out The Tall Trees of Portland, or any of other books please click here. 
Image Courtesy of Morgaine Faye and Overcup Press
Image Courtesy of Morgaine Faye and Overcup Press

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