Thirsty Thursday Guide to Summer-Worthy Drinks: Champagne Rum Punch

Posted by Massey Barner on

Welcome to our "Thirsty Thursday Guide to Summer-Worthy Drinks," where we are going to bring you a new drink to try weekly. 

This week is Champagne Rum Punch. If you aren't familiar with the history of Rum Punch, catch up here.

1 bottle of blush champagne
1 cup of white rum
1 liter of ginger ale
1 package frozen raspberries

Step one: Pour one bottle champagne into pitcher. We used Barefoot Pink Moscato for it's slightly sweet taste

Step two: add one cup rum (preferably silver rum)

Step three: one liter of ginger ale

Step four: Stir ingredients

Step five: add ice

Step six: garnish with fresh raspberries


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