Thirsty Thursday Guide to Summer-Worthy Drinks: DIY Summer Shandy

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Welcome to our "Thirsty Thursday Guide to Summer-Worthy Drinks," where we are going to bring you a new drink to try weekly. 

Up first is the Shandy. If you aren't familiar with this summer-worthy drink, catch up on the history of the Shandy from Emily HagenBurger, former Overcup intern. 

What You’ll Need :
A hefeweizen or light beer (no IPAs)
Simple Syrup
Measuring Cup
Stir Stick
Optional lemon garnish

Step One : 
As a general rule of thumb, the ratio for beer to lemonade in a shandy is 1:1
Here, we started with 1 cup of beer. Add it to your cup.

Step Two :
Next, is to measure out the lemonade. Add this to the cup as well.

Step Three :
In comes the simple syrup. Simple syrup is just sugar water, and can be made easily at home by adding hot water to plenty of sugar, or it can be bought at the store. The shandy recipe calls for about a shot of simple syrup.

Step Four :
Use your fancy mixing stick to stir all ingredients together. You can add a lemon garnish to add a little something special.


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