Thirsty Thursday Guide to Summer-Worthy Drinks: Iced Whiskey Coffee

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Welcome to our "Thirsty Thursday Guide to Summer-Worthy Drinks," where we are going to bring you a new drink to try weekly.
This week we bring you a drink that can be made with any of the dozen, or more, Oregon-made whiskeys in our backyard! 

Ingredients :
Coffee (you can brew it at home and then put it in the fridge to cool it)
Whiskey (try: Vinn, Bull Run, or House Spirits--just to name a few!)
Creamer/Sweetener of choice
*For a fun topping, try whipped cream!


Step 1 : Pour your cooled coffee over ice, leaving about 2 fingers worth of space at the top of the glass.


Step 2 : Add your shot of Whiskey

Step 3 : Top with your creamer/sweetener of choice, this may be as much as you would typically put in your coffee, or a bit more to balance out the whiskey taste.


Step 4 : Stir, add whipped cream if desired, and enjoy!



Looking for more information about Oregon-made spirits? Get yourself a copy of High-Proof PDX: A Spirited Guide to Portland's Craft Distilling Scene!

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