Thirsty Thursday Guide to Summer-Worthy Drinks: Mint Schnapps Shake

Posted by Massey Barner on

Welcome to our "Thirsty Thursday Guide to Summer-Worthy Drinks," where we are going to bring you a new drink to try weekly.

This week we bring you a drink that marries Vanilla Ice Cream (which should always be in your freezer) and Mint Schnapps! This drink is good for any time of year--to keep you cool during the heat of summer or warm you up with that minty flavor during winter. 

Ingredients :
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (I opted for non-dairy, but any will do).
Peppermint Schnapps
Vanilla Extract
Mint leaves to garnish


Also Needed :
a blender, or a tough arm for stirring

Step One :
Put the ice cream into the blender. I used about half a pint per shot.


Step Two :
Add your schnapps.


Step Three :
Add a splash of Vanilla Extract


Step Four :


Step Five :
Pour into a glass (I put ice in mine to keep from melting), and add the mint leaf garnish.



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