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Leonardo and the Time Travelers - LIMITED EDITION SLIPCASE

Leonardo and the Time Travelers - LIMITED EDITION SLIPCASE

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This beautiful slipcase edition is the perfect way to commemorate the release of Leonardo and the Time Travelers by Patty McGuigan and Marian Lye

Inside the gorgeously designed slipcase is a hardcover edition of Leonardo and the Time Travelers with a special slipcase covered in gorgeous linen with metallic embossed lettering, a  gorgeous keepsake edition that readers can cherish for decades.

About Leonardo and the Time Travelers

A time-traveling tech adventure that takes kids through the centuries using modern technology as their tour guide.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO... if a time traveler landed on your doorstep? In
 Leonardo and the Time Travelers, Jack and Nick are in Silicon Valley for a summer technology class, when they discover a secret time travel app. They bring back the world’s first time traveler, Leonardo da Vinci, and adventure ensues! Joined by Jack’s sister Poppy, they solve problems, meet other time travelers, and have a summer they will never forget.

This chapter book includes over 40 full color images. 

The youngest readers will also love reading Leonardo's Magic Sketchbook

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About the Authors

Patty McGuigan is the proud grandmother of four gorgeous grandchildren. She is also a successful commercial real estate agent, a past high school English teacher, and active in her Bay Area community. Patty has created numerous books of her artwork and travel memories. Her creativity has been her defining factor throughout her life, and indeed she does believe in time travel. Heaven help the world with Patty's energy and ideas! 

Marian Lye’s home is in Weymouth, England. She and her husband raised three boys, and she worked in administration for a government department for many years. Her love of history led her to write Weymouth at War, an account of World War 2 on the south coast of England. The book, now in its second edition, features the dramatic build up to D-Day in June 1944, when thousands of American servicemen set sail from the twin ports of Weymouth and Portland, bound for “Omaha Beach” in Normandy. In this millennium, the arrivals of three lively grandkids in California have been magical milestones. 


About the Illustrator

Rebekah Reif is based in New Hampshire, where she recently graduated from the School of Art and Design at New England College. An up and coming artist, she has a natural talent for drawing, and amazed her collaborators on this project with every new scene she sketched out. Rebekah specializes in comics, and enjoys drawing stories from battles to slices of everyday life.

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