Are you a fan of whiskey or a whiskey newbie? If whiskey is your go-to spirit or you've always wanted to try it, High-Proof PDX author Karen Locke brings 10 Oregon-based whiskey distilleries to you, making it easy to find a new favorite drink. 

Whether you love Kentucky bourbon, Scotch, or are just curious about Oregon-made whiskey there are a ton of whiskey distilleries in Oregon producing brown spirits that capture the complexity and depth of whiskey made here. It’s not about finding a whiskey that tastes like your favorite Kentucky Bourbon though—it’s about learning what Oregon has to offer. All of these whiskies have something different to show you in terms of taste, nose, price, and aging methods.

McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt

If you love Scotch, check out McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt, especially if you’re keen on the smell and taste of an 8 or 10 year-old Islay. This solid single malt was originally a product of Clear Creek Distillery, and now Hood River Distillers, too. People are often surprised by the peatiness of the McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt. Don’t worry if you’re not accustomed to peat, there’s not need to avoid this single malt. Much of the peat is on the nose with a softer touch on the palate.

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