Ground Truth: A Geological Survey of a Life by Ruby McConnell

Ground Truth: A Geological Survey of a Life by Ruby McConnell

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The essays in Ground Truth focus on how the earth abides and endures through one cataclysmic event after another. This hopeful and inspiring collection applies geological thinking to modern living and shows us to think about time in ways that are both humbling and urgent. 

The book illuminates the central role of landscapes in our ideas of home and self despite the growing disconnect between modern lifestyle and the environment. Written with a scientifically-driven female voice, McConnell’s timely and significant work reveals how the landscapes we inhabit can also help us better understand ourselves and our relationship to the ground beneath our feet.

ISBN: 9781732610323

Here's what others are saying about Ground Truth and Ruby McConnell:

"a moving collection that will be satisfying to readers who enjoy both science and memoirs. "  --Buzzfeed Books 

“Against the backdrop of the devastating eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980, McConnell examines notions of self and our relationships to the natural world in this significant new book.” - Ms. Magazine


"[McConnell]'s stories, braiding together cultural, geological, and personal history, are by turns wry, gripping, and unflinchingly honest."  - Mary DeMocker, author of The Parents' Guide to Climate Revolution 

 "McConnell’s work is timely and significant, and daring—a radical exploration and understanding “that environmentalism cannot be about restoration, that the window for reversal has closed, that now, it is a matter of survival.” - Oregon Literary Arts

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