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High-Proof PDX: A Spirited Guide to Portland's Craft Distilling Scene - Karen Locke

High-Proof PDX: A Spirited Guide to Portland's Craft Distilling Scene - Karen Locke

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Portland, Oregon has arguably more distilleries than any other city on the planet and they are eager for spirits lovers to taste their goods. In High-Proof PDX: A Spirited Guide to Portland's Craft Distilling Scene author Karen Locke has paved the way and shares with readers what they need to know before, during, and after a spirits tasting tour of Portland's craft distilling scene. From histories to hangover cures, Locke provides readers with pro-tips, recommendations, and insights to enhance their visits to the tasting rooms and distillery tours.

This guidebook to the higher proof alcohol made in Portland will help readers find their way around town without getting too drunk, hungover, or lost. Learn helpful tips on getting primed for high-proof drinking and get pointers on the best way to savor and taste craft liquors. First-time visitors to a spirits tasting room will benefit from pointers. In addition, readers will learn about the big picture on the distilling scene, to learn about Portland’s distillery roots, how it’s evolving, and where the future of distilling in Portland is headed.

Readers will also get recommendations distillery tasting menus, learn about the best craft cocktail bars in Portland, and see what the city’s mixologists are creating with all this booze - from gin to aquavit to baiju - and all the spirits in between. Finally, learn about all the other locally made products including cocktail glassware, bitters, syrups, and shrubs that go into making a great cocktail at home.

160 pages | ISBN-13   978-0983491767 | Includes two maps and over 30 illustrations

What people are saying about this book

"Drinks enthusiast Karen Locke's new book is the key to Portland's distilling scene." - Portland Mercury

"Karen Locke is your spirited guide through the city and state's best spirits producers...You will love High Proof PDX." - Carrie Welch, Co-founder, Feast Portland

"Karen Locke has made navigating that scene, specifically in Portland, easier with her new book, High Proof PDX: A Spirited Guide to Portland's Craft Distilling Scene." - Bend Source

About the Author

Karen Locke is the founder of High Proof Creative, an award-winning branding and design agency focused on spirits companies. She has written about cocktails and spirits for GQ, Bon Appétit, Thrillist, Sip Northwest, and more. She has spent time as a bartender and has even taken whiskey-making classes in her pursuit of spirits. Karen is a member of the Women's Distillery Guild. 

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