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Angela Cohan is a Los Angeles-based author, blogger and contributing writer for Cultural Daily. A former editor for Chashm Andaaz magazine, Angela has written numerous works of fiction, articles and essays. Her work has been featured in Wildbound PR, The Jewish Journal, FR&D, On the Bus, and Cultural Weekly.

Persian food is colorful, rich, and tasty. It is an integral part of Iranian culture. Food created community. Food is nourishment. Food is medicine. Food is love. When a persian cook is complimented on their food, the response is always Nooshe Jaan - may your soul enjoy it." Now there is a cookbook that celebrates the rich culinary culture of the Middle East. Persian Delicacies: Jewish Food for Special Occasions by Angela Cohan features over 100 recipes celebrating the foods of her homeland along with traditions from her Persian Jewish heritage.

Persia has long been geographically and historically significant since it connects the Middle East with the Far East and contains influences from ancient Greece, Rome, and many other Asian and Mediterranean influences. Inspired by Angela Cohan's heritage, as well as the recipes of her family and friends, this cookbook also supports the movement toward eating nourishing, whole, and unprocessed foods while advocating for a mindful approach to eating and savoring every meal.

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