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The Tall Trees of Tokyo - Matt Wagner

The Tall Trees of Tokyo - Matt Wagner

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In The Tall Trees of Tokyo, Matt Wagner of Portland’s Hellion Gallery brings together over 30 contemporary Tokyo artists whose work pushes boundaries and defies expectations. Organized according to the train lines where each artist lives, and featuring handwritten questionnaires depicting some of their favorite things about their neighborhoods, The Tall Trees of Tokyo offers art and culture-lovers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of each artist’s relationship with the city where they work and play.

Artists include Hogusa Amamiya, Satoru Arai, Sayuka Bloodstone, Blunt, Carton, Kenji Daikoku, Eimi, Oyama Enrico Isamu Letter, Soichiro Fukuda, JonJon Green, Imaone, Daisuke Ishizaka, Jun, Michinori Maru, Meisai, MHAK, Aki Miyajima, Yojiro Morita, Mariko Mutaguchi, Naoshi, Nigamushi, Ryuichi Ogino, Ai Ohkawara, Rei, Sal, Senekt, Joji Shimamato, Hikari Shimoda, Shohei, ShojonoTomo, Original Style, Yohei Takahashi, Tka, Trip, and Norman Tsuji.

112 pages | ISBN-13 978-0-9834917-0-5 | Over 200 images and 5 Gatefolds

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“...beautifully presented...” – Arrested Motion

About the Author

Matt Wagner, art director, owner, and curator of Portland, Oregon’s Hellion Gallery is the author of The Tall Trees of Portland and The Tall Trees of Paris. His first trip to Japan in 1999 sparked an appreciation for Japanese art and culture and he now travels to Japan several times each year to seek out undiscovered artists, frequently debuting their art in the US. Matt currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Beth, and their dogs, Imo and Ebi.

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