Ice Cream Work

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“The sunae pages are simply stunning, and filled with mysterious details.” –Midwest Book Review

Using Sunae, the Japanese technique of painting with colored sand, artist Naoshi brings us the sweet and surreal world of Ice Cream Work. This playful book follows Ice Cream Man as he goes from job to job, emphasizing the importance of imagination in daily life and reminding us that everyone has unique traits which make them special.

Ice Cream Work features a "How to Make Sunae” page with instructions for creating your own Sunae and a “Look and Find” page which challenges readers to spot hidden details.

ISBN: 9780983491736

“As adults we tend to consume. . . . But in Ice Cream Work Naoshi invites you to participate in the art. That’s where the true storytelling happens.” -Tofugu

“The sort of book that could easily capture the imagination of kids drawn to the culinary fantasylands of Strawberry Shortcake or Candyland.” Publisher’s Weekly

“[Ice Cream Work] exudes a loopy, anarchist joy: chronicling the adventures of a hard­working and stylish frozen dairy confection and his eclectically industrious week." – Dale E. Basye, author of the Heck, Where the Bad Kids Go series

Hardcover illustrated picture book featuring 40 full-color pages. ISBN 978-0983491736

Naoshi is a Japanese illustrator whose distinctive characters and original style are recognized around the world. In her effort to familiarize more people with Sunae outside of Japan, she has participated in a wide range of projects including gallery exhibitions, commercial work, and children’s workshops. Ice Cream Work was developed from a drawing she made when she was seven years old called “Ice Cream Walked.” This is her first book.


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