Leslie Caron Caught Reading

Actress Leslie Caron: Proudly Caught Reading (Image courtesy of Front Street Teens)

Are you book buyer apt to cast a sideways glance before opening a book? Are you a reader who peeks around a few corners before peeking into a novel? Then May might (or might not) be the month for you—it’s the national Get Caught Reading Month! Founded in 1999 by the Get Caught Reading organization, May is the month dedicated to highlighting the fun of reading. But why stop there? Overcup Press wants all of our readers to embrace May’s national theme with the help of a friendly contest. Best of all, the winner will get a free Overcup book: Niki Ganong’s The Field Guide to Drinking in America!

As lifelong readers, we all have stories about the things we read and people’s reaction to them. They’re not limited to books—reactions can come from newspapers, magazines, even pamphlets. And the people reacting aren’t just limited to our family and friends: have you ever had a stranger comment on a book cover you’re holding on the bus, or a flyer you’re reading on a telephone pole? We certainly have. What’s your best story? We want to know!

This beauty could be yours—do you have the story it takes? 

Rules of the contest:

● Post your most interesting, enlightening, or embarrassing “get caught reading” story and/or photo on Overcup Press’ Facebook page or Instagram feed (@overcupbooks, #getcaughtreading) anytime during May 2016. Feel free to add more than one story.

● The winner will be selected by a an elite panel of Overcup Press judges, and the winner gets a special prize—a free copy of Niki Ganong’s award-winning Field Guide to Drinking in America (the perfect book to read in public or private), along with eternal literary bragging rights.



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