The Foreword Reviews Reader’s Choice Awards were created to prove that great literature and amazing novels did not need to come from only the titans of the publishing world. After reading the great titles selected, it’s impossible to deny that some of the finest books do come from the small, creative presses across the country. Of course, we’re especially fond of one particular book: Niki Ganong’s The Field Guide to Drinking In America: A Traveller’s Handbook to State Liquor Laws, has been selected as a finalist. Obviously, we may be a little biased, but we do honestly believe that Niki deserves all the praise that the book has garnered.


Photo Credit: Niki Ganong

The Field Guide is full of humor, interesting laws and facts, and truly beautiful illustrations. Keeping you entertained for hours, it’s no wonder Niki has gained so many fans along the way. If you enjoyed the book as much as we have then show your support, follow the instructions below, and vote!

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