This Sunday is May 29th. 

So, Happy Mother’s Day!

Wait, before panic and doubt set in, and you begin to question if you did indeed buy that bouquet of flowers and card and make that phone call a couple of weeks ago (because you did remember, right?*). Détends-toi! For in France this special holiday is celebrated on the last Sunday in May, (historically, unless Pentecost/Whit Sunday happens to fall on that day, in which case the holiday shifts to the first Sunday in June.) So take a deep breath, grant yourself some repose and perhaps take a peek at our latest publication...

The Tall Trees of Parisreleased May 10th, is the third installment from Overcup Books' Tall Trees series which showcases more than 40 contemporary Parisian artists and provides an intimate glimpse of life in Paris through detailed personal accounts from the artists for the City of Lights. Like other books in the collection, Matt Wagner returns to provide an eclectic collection of talented artists; focusing not only on their outstanding work, but also exploring their favorite eateries, shops, venues, and other cultural havens.

We here at Overcup encourage all of our readers to take this as a chance to connect with the most important woman in your life. Perhaps over some scrumptious madeleines, some chocolate delicacies or a glass of wine while you pore over our latest book The Tall Trees of Paris. Join us in giving a resounding “Fête des Mères!” to all the mothers out there.

 *In the event you did forget, may we suggest utilizing this quote from the playwright Balzac;

“Le coeur d'une mere est un abîme au fond duquel se trouve toujours le pardon.”

“The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.”

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