Chalkboard menu of Breakside Brewery beers at their Dekum Street location in Portland, Oregon

Recent tap list at the Milwaukie, OR location 

As we eagerly anticipate the first annual Breakside Brewery Luau on Sunday, July 19th, brewmaster Ben Edmunds spent a moment answering a couple of our questions. 

OP: The Craft Beer market in Portland is a pretty big market. How does Breakside stand out from the crowd? Outside of Oregon, where can travelers find your Beers?

BE: Portland is the greatest beer city in the world! We're lucky to brew in a city with so many great breweries; we are constantly in dialogue with our peers at other breweries, and we learn a ton from them. How do we stand out in a city that is awash in great beer? I think we're recognized for our quality and our breadth. We make a tremendous range of beersNorthwest hoppy beers, lagers, barrel-aged beers, sours, classic English session beers, culinary-inspired experimental beers and farmhouse aleswhich I think is unique for a brewery of our size.

Our beers are sold in OR, WA, Hawaii, BC, Colorado and Idaho. We also sell beer in Norway and Japan.

A partially consumed pint of beer from Breakside Brewing

OP: Breakside does a lot of collaborations and develops brews with chefs. That's obviously something not every brewery is doing. How do you think that has helped to shape the brewery and the beers you produce?

BE: When we design our beers, we start by talking about finished flavor rather than any particular style. We work backwards to engineer the flavor and balance that we want in our beers, and a lot of the tricks we've learned over the years are from the chefs we've collaborated with.

Poster for Breakside Brewery 2015 Luau Party

OP: Breakside is holding it's first ever luau event on Sunday July 19th. Can you let us know what to expect from this event? What beers will be showcased and would you tell us a little bit about them?

BE: We love to throw a few parties each year at our Milwaukie brewery. We've just released our Passionfruit Sour Ale, which is our popular summer seasonal, so that will be making it's draft debut. We've also got a few special kegs of our Wanderlust IPA infused with mango, and our chef Mike Delaney will be rolling out a great spread of Hawaiian food.

Breakside Brewery Passionfruit Sour Ale label

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