The Happiest of Hours

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We were lucky enough to get a little insight into the Happy Hour culture in Portland from Imperial restaurant's lead bartender Tony Gurdian:

Portland, Oregon is a town that takes its Happy Hour seriously. People out here work hard to seek out a deal in the afternoon or late night. In a city where food and beverage are taken so seriously, we want to provide something special, different, and fast.  At Imperial, we offer a quick-fire but excellent menu, ranging from fresh oysters to house-made pâté, to fried pigtail. Our sommelier keeps two unique wines available and I offer my draft cocktails at a steal. One thing we do here at our restaurant is stay busy, and serving draft cocktails provides a fast, perfectly consistent drink to guests every time.  People who come to Imperial between 2:00pm and 6:00pm leave happy, both about the time and money they spent with us. I believe that quality and value is what makes a good happy hour and keeps people coming back. Cheers!  

Tony Gurdian, Lead Barman, Imperial and Portland Penny Diner

Tony Gurdian, Lead Barman for Imperial giving a cocktail a shake

Tony doing what he does best. Photo credit: Allyson Riggs

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