The official launch date for The Field Guide to Drinking in America is April 21st. Only one month away. The books have arrived, Niki is busy signing copies to send out to all the contributors, and our marketing and PR teams are in overdrive. 

What better way to celebrate the release of a book about drinking than by throwing a great big party! We were lucky enough to get an open night at White Owl Social Club, and will be partying it up on April 13th at 6pm. 

Here's a sneak peak at the posters White Owl made up for the event:

 The Field Guide to Drinking in America by Niki Ganong book release party poster for event at White Owl Social Club Portland, Oregon

We are thrilled to announce that Gigantic Brewing will be sponsoring the launch. 

Lots of Gigantic Brewing bottles and growlers

Gigantic Brewingkind of a big deal

Gigantic brewers Ben Love and Van Havig were featured in The Tall Trees of Portland by Matt Wagner and we are so excited to have them be a part of getting The Field Guide out into the world. 

There are several other events being planned around the country, so be sure to check the events page as we get more details on each of those. 

Poppy Milliken is one of Overcup's interns-turned-freelance employees and is the marketing coordinator for the Field Guide. She wears many publishing hats and has recently started her own business. To learn more visit the Interrobang Collective website.

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