We always love when we have reasons to talk about the late, great Buckminster Fuller. In case you haven’t seen our older blog posts, Bucky was a passionate American architect, prolific inventor, and author who devoted his life to the betterment of the world. As Bucky’s life and ideas take to the screen and stage this spring, it’s apparent that even the Earth was not enough to contain his ideas.

Fittingly, Buckminster Fuller is ready to take you on a journey past Earth and far beyond, speeding through the universe.

Take a look at how Bucky is still changing the world  from the stage, big and small screens, and beyond:

 A new play, R. Buckminster Fuller: THE HISTORY  (and mystery) OF THE UNIVERSE, will be  performing at the San Diego Repertory Theatre from  March 10th to April 3rd!  

Focusing on the life and  work of Buckminster Fuller, the play promises to be a                 comedic and profound experience.  

  • Written and directed by D.W. Jacobs, the play portrays Bucky as the captain of Spaceship Earth who takes his audience on the experience of a lifetime as they sail across the galaxy.
  • Buckminster Fuller: The History (and the mystery) of the Universe was originally staged at the San Diego Rep in 2000. and has now been staged in close to a dozen theaters in the US and Canada.
  • The stage that will host the play in San Diego is right next door to GENI, the Global Energy Network Initiative. Inspired by a strategy developed by Fuller, GENI has come up with its own plan about an energy grid which they believe will decrease pollution, stabilize the world population, reduce hunger, and even help promote world peace! Not too shabby…   

This isn’t Bucky’s only leap into media.

Several years ago, Academy award nominated filmmaker Sam Green created The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller, a beautiful “live cinema” experience that involves film, pictures, laptops, and an original score played live at each screening by indie rockers, Yo La Tengo. Due to the unique nature of live cinema, screenings of the film are few and far between. Lucky for fans of Fuller, there are two screenings this spring.

SUNY Oswego

16 March 2016, 7:30pm

SUNY Oswego Hewitt Ballroom

Oswego, NY

Click here for ticket information

Ambulante Film Festival

15 April 2016

Teatro de la Ciudad

Mexico City, Mexico

More information on the film festival here.

Can’t work any of these events into your schedule? Queue up a copy of The World of Buckminster Fuller documentary. Widely available on DVD, this 80 minute film features the visionary speaking about his inventions such as the geodesic dome and dymaxion car, as well as other concepts that were decades ahead of the conventional thinking of his time.

If you’re in the mood for some more of Bucky (and who could blame you), go watch the play, see the film, dig into the documentary or pick up a copy of Buckminster Fuller: The Poet of Geometry by Cole Gerst in our store!  



Image Credit: Space Galaxy Spaceship Gouache painting by Dmytro Ivashchenko

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