Great news! Overcup Press is excited to announce not one, not two, but three new awards for our titles!

On April 8th the results of the 2016 Independent Publisher Book Awards, or “IPPYs,” came in. For anyone working in independent publishing, these are the awards to watch for—the IPPYs were created to increase recognition of independent authors and publishers, players in the publishing world that sometimes get overlooked in the media and marketplace. Founded in 1997 to support all authors and publishers worldwide who market to the North American audience,the IPPYs certainly presented some stiff competition.

We’re thrilled to report that two Overcup Press titles nabbed some coveted spots. First, Matt Wagner’s The Tall Trees of Portland took home a silver medal in the West-Pacific Regional Non-Fiction category. Nice job, Matt! 

The Tall Trees of Portland is the second book in his series of three books that survey artists in international cities and we’re excited to introduce the newest installment, The Tall Trees of Paris to readers next month. 

The Field Guide to Drinking book cover dons a Santa haNext, let’s hear it for Niki Ganong, whose book, The Field Guide to Drinking in America: A Traveler's Handbook to State Liquor Laws earned a silver medal in the National Category for Travel. Cheers! The book is also a finalist for the for the 2015 IndieFab Book of the Year Award for Travel. We’re raising a glass to Niki for writing this one of a kind title that gives an overview of the landscape of booze laws in America. 

Moving past the IPPYs, the Nautilus Book Awards also had some good news for us. The Nautilus Book Awards committee looks for books promoting conscious living and positive social change. The Nautilus organization just released their 2015 list of winners, and we’re excited to announce that Cole Gerst’s Buckminster Fuller: Poet of Geometry won a silver medal in the Green Living / Sustainability category! 

As Overcup Press’ publisher Pat McDonald notes, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy these successes without our authors’ efforts: “Every bit of success and recognition we earn is due to the hard work put forth by both Overcup’s authors as well as Overcup’s tireless design, editing, and marketing teams. We can’t wait to use this momentum to put out more books of equal artistic quality and merit. Here’s to 2016!”









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