A warm, summer day; a frosty can of beer; the sound the tab makes when you open it. Have you ever stopped to think about the invention of that can? On January 24th we celebrate Beer Can Appreciation Day, honoring the first time beer was delivered in a can in 1935. At the time, cans didn’t require the deposit of bottles, as well as being easier to stack and taking less time to chill. Canned beer accounts for around half of the U.S. beer industry.

Now, if you are a beer connoisseur and find yourself with an abundance of cans in your garage, here are some ideas for beer can uses.

First, there is the tried and true beer can display. Be confident in your beer can art. After all, many breweries take pride in their labels and so should you.

Next, beer cans make great planters. Use them for a tabletop seedling greenhouse, or for cacti as shown in this pinterest post.

Or what about candle holders? Outline the cans best features with holes and use a tea light to illuminate the art of the can. Or paint over the label, make your own art, and show off your creativity!

The possibilities for beer can uses are endless. Just look at these Best 25 Beer can art ideas on Pinterest.

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