Zwickelmania is upon us, and you know what that means—time to catch up on all of the drinking you missed while following your New Year’s resolutions! For those of you who haven’t made it out yet, Zwickelmania is an annual celebration of Oregon’s craft breweries, and as such, is always on a Saturday around Oregon’s birthday (February 14th). This year’s Zwickelmania doubles down by running for two weekends in a row: on February 17th, the Portland Metro Breweries will host the festivities, and on the 24th, the party continues at the breweries around the rest of the state. Want to know more about Oregon’s drinking history before you head out? Check out The Field Guide to Drinking in America and find out why Portland is called “Beervana.”

For those of you uninterested in beer, don’t you fret, as this year, Mardi Gras falls on the Tuesday before Zwickelmania kicks off. Celebrate by going to a tasting at a local distillery, attending the Portland Mardi Gras Parade, and rounding out the night at a cocktail bar. And in case you need recommendations on where to go, High-Proof PDX has it all!

Through Valentine’s Day, you can get both High-Proof PDX and The Field Guide to Drinking in America for only $22. So pick up some guides, hit the town, and make sure you share it with us by posting it to our Facebook page or tagging us on Twitter and Instagram (@OvercupBooks). Happy drinking, and Happy Birthday, Oregon!
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