Welcome to National Rum Punch Day! Unlike other cocktails you might be used to--that stick to a defined list of ingredients--Rum Punch recipes are as colorful as the drinks they create.

Punch drinks, generally the combination of alcohol, sugar, lemon, water, and tea or spices, have been around for almost 400 years. Although there are many spirits used to make punch drinks, the rum punch variations are quite plentiful: Planter’s Punch, Fish House Punch, Bajan Rum Punch, Caribbean Rum Punch, and many more.

The general recipe for rum punch is light or dark rum, citrus juices, grenadine, and soda. As there is no single recipe for rum punch, this is the drink to have fun with and make your own. Below we’ve included some fun ideas and a list of Oregon distilleries making rum to use in your signature rum punch recipe!

From The Lily Pad Cottage
3 C Orange Juice
3 C Pineapple Juice
3 C ginger ale
3 C rum
1/4 C grenadine
juice of 1 lime
limes, pineapples, and fun umbrellas for garnish (optional but way fun!)

Caribbean Rum Punch
1 C Orange Juice
1 C Pineapple Juice
1/4 C lime juice
1/4 C rum
1/4 C dark rum
1/2 C grenadine
Serves 4-6

Jamaican Rum Punch
2 C pineapple juice
2 C orange juice
1.5 C dark rum
1/4 C fresh lime juice
3 tbl grenadine
Citrus slices or maraschino cherries, optional garnish

Caribbean Rum Punch
2.5 C orange juice
2.5 C Pineapple juice
1 C rum
1/2 C dark rum
1/4 C coconut rum
1/4 C lime juice
3 tbl grenadine

Barbados Punch
4 oz water
3 oz dark rum
1 oz lime juice
2 tsp sugar
1 dash angostura bitter
Sprinkle nutmeg

Looking for a fantastic rum for your punch? These Oregon distillers are making local rum right now!
Eastside Distilling
Bull Run Distilling
BackDrop Distilling
House Spirits Distillery
Cannon Beach Distillery
Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Distillery
Camp 1805 Distillery and Bar
Rogue House of Spirits
Indio Spirits
McMenamins Edgefield Distillery

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