Dance Your Way Over Tilikum With This Playlist

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Do you love having a playlist for specific tasks or occasions? We do! That's why we made this playlist for Tilikum. So the next time you find yourself walking, biking, or dancing across Tilikum, take this playlist with you!


Bridge Burn - Little Comets
This song is a great kick off to a walk. Its acoustics are upbeat, the lyrics aren’t shy, and the song in general gets you wanting to get moving.

Walking on Sunshine - Katrina & the Waves
I couldn’t help but to include this track. It is too good, and is tinged with the memory of every good road-trip I’ve ever had. Just imagine walking over the bridge with the sunshine bouncing off the water ARE walking on sunshine!

Put Your Records On - Corinne Bailey Rae
Keeping suit with familiar, warm songs, this is one that I love to hear when it sneaks onto the radio. The lyrics are just asking for you to cut loose a little, which pairs well with a good walk to clear your mind.

Aquaman - Walk the Moon
No, this is not included because of the band name, that was incidental. This song reminds me of Toto’s ‘Africa’, with a bit of a modern twist. The lyrics are touching, and the song will keep you moving at a good pace.

Sweet Disposition - Temper Trap
That’s what it’s all about, right? This track just puts me in the right headspace for heading out on sunshine-filled walk. It gets me jazzed thinking about the rest of my day, going forward with a smile on my face.

Here (In your arms) - Hellogoodbye
As one of my favorite “throwback” songs, this song is one of my go-to feel good songs. It always finds it way back to me during the summer too. For a bit of extra summer (camp) fun, check out their music video!

A Toast and a Spirit - Vacation Manor
“Well now I’m a little lost in my thoughts…” is the lyric that landed this track on this playlist. Sometimes during a walk we just like to space out a little bit, and we need a fun, upbeat track to do it to (although, the lyrics are pretty cute).

Still In Love - Thirdstory
If you haven’t heard of Thirdstory before, this is a great song to start with. Their lo-fi bass and uber-relatable lyrics make this a great song for singing along (there’s no sign on the Tilikum that says you can’t sing out loud, right?).

Spacin Out - The Mowgli’s
Speaking of spacing out...this song always comes on during my walk to work and I can never skip it. It is such a playful track, and the duet just adds to the reasons why I love it. In contradiction to the title, it always pulls me back into the music.

Rivers and Roads - the Head and the Heart
I couldn’t resist this long-loved tune. Having just walked over a river by way of road, it was too fitting in every respect. It is the perfect song for ending a nice jaunt over the Tilikum!

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