August is American Artist Appreciation Month. Some may celebrate it by focusing on the classics, such as Norman Rockwell, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Andy Warhol. Others may take it as an opportunity to teach their children about art and artists, and others may take advantage of museums in their area to appreciate wide ranges of art or learn more about the history of art in America. At Overcup Press, we’d like to especially appreciate American artists featured in The Tall Trees of Portland, who help make Portland such a unique, colorful, and beautiful city.

Portland artist Josh Keyes's rhino mural on SE Morrison for 2015's Forest For the Trees Festival

Josh Keyes, mural at SE Morrison - Source

Have you ever seen this rhino mural on SE Morrison? This was done by local artist Josh Keyes during 2015’s Forest for the Trees Festival. Josh’s work often features animals in urban areas, and brings to mind the issue of urban sprawl and humans’ effect on nature, as shown in this mural and another painting below.

Josh Keyes's Painting Titled Migration

Josh Keyes, "Stampede" - Source

Another mural you may have seen around SE Portland is this one:

David Rice & Blaine Fontana mural at SE 11th Avenue in Portland for 2015's Forest for the Trees Festival

David Rice & Blaine Fontana, mural at SE 11th Ave - Source

This mural was also created for the 2015 Forest For the Trees as a dual project between Portland artists David Rice and Blaine Fontana. Blaine’s work, as you can see below, is full of symbols and PNW imagery, while David’s tend to feature geometric shapes and realistic animals.

Portland artist Blaine Fontana's mural at 21st & Alberta

Blaine Fontana, mural at 21st & Alberta - Source

Portland artist David Rice's painting "Corrected Course"

David Rice, "Corrected Course" - Source

But there are many other Portland artists who work in mediums other than painting and murals, such as AJ Fosik’s vivid wood sculptures, Cole Gerst’s dynamic designs, Maryanna Hoggatt’s adorable illustrations, Ren Sakurai’s amazingly detailed tattoos, and even Sam Huff’s leather goods; all pictured below.

Portland artist AJ Fosik's wood sculptures

AJ Fosik, "The Abyss Stares Back" - Source

 Portland artist Cole Gerst's new painting series The In-Between

Cole Gerst, "We Buy Junk" - Source

Portland artist Maryanna Hoggatt

Maryanna Hoggatt, "Hearts + Stars" - Source

Portland tattoo artist Ren Sakurai's Made in Oregon sign tattoo

Ren Sakurai - Source

Portland business owner Sam Huff of Tanner Goods leather products

Sam Huff of Tanner Goods - Source

Many of these artists’ galleries and shops can be found throughout Portland, so this American Artist Appreciation Month, shop local; places like Hellion GalleryCrafty Wonderland, and Antler Gallery are a great place to start! Also, look here for information on this year’s Forest For the Trees Festival, which will be held August 23rd-29th and feature, among others, Portland artists Blaine Fontana, Souther Salazar, and Martin Ontiveros.

The Tall Trees of Portland features over 40 artists based in Portland, and also includes their personal recommendations for places to eat, shop, and drink in the city.

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