The heat is back in much of the Pacific Northwest. High-Proof PDX author Karen Locke gives us a fun and adult way to cool down with this article, from Sip Northwest, on Sloshy Pops. 

Ice pops have grown up a bit since you took sugary store-bought juice, Dixie cups and sticks to make homemade frozen pops as a child. One Portland company, Sloshy Pops, produces attractive ice pops with perfect consistency, mimicking the hand-made look rarely achieved at home, with the addition of one thing you shouldn’t have been adding as a child: booze.

A must in the Pacific Northwest food scene, locally sourced and fresh ingredients are exclusively used for these bright and charming popsicles. From the strawberries in the pops to the wine or spirits that provide the buzz, the ingredients are rounded up from local and familiar purveyors.

Read the full article here, including a recipe for making your own Strawberry Mint Julep Sloshy Pops. 

Want more ideas for Sloshy Pops using your favorite local craft spirit? Check out High-Proof PDX, publishing September 12!

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