The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) is happening right now in Denver, Colorado. Not able to attend? Why not have your own beer tasting with friends to celebrate!


  • Looking for some local brews you haven’t tried before? Check out this list from GABF, where you can filter by state.
  • Keep the tastings small, so you can taste more. At GABF, a 1 oz tasting ensures you get to try a lot of beers.
  • Pair your favorites with some yummy food. If you have a beer you love and want to introduce it to your friends, look at food pairings to bring out the subtle flavors of the beer. Many brewery websites feature ideas for paired foods.
  • Vote for your favorites. Many festivals, including GABF, offer competitions and awards for their brewers--and you can do the same!
  • Visit your local breweries. Not up for hosting a brew fest at your house? Round up some friends and take a cab or ride share to some local breweries. The brewmasters will have tons of info about their offerings and you’ll taste some amazing new beer.
Check out The Field Guide to Drinking in America for more fun info on fun ways to celebrate and drink responsibly.
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