As a general rule of adulthood, hangovers happen. And there are many ways to cure them--from smoothies and raw juices, to greasy diner food. But according to the old adage, another--possibly more fun--way is with “the hair of the dog that bit you.” Many people will recommend a Bloody Mary--and they aren’t wrong--but if tomato juice or tabasco aren’t your cup of tea, here’s some other cocktails to try.

According to First We Feast, these 10 cocktails will “kill” a hangover. Some even come as a two-for and include an egg white--an essential protein for combating your hangover. And while a few have more ingredients than a Bloody Mary, the Fernet and Coke sounds great. First We Feast calls Fernet, an amaro made of various herbs and spices, the “hangover booze of the gods,” and mixing it with the pick-me-up of a caffeinated soda seems like a no-brainer.


There are also three cocktails, maybe more, actually called Hair of the Dog. The first features gin, lemon juice, tabasco, and a slice of chile pepper. The second is tequila, Irish whiskey, tabasco, and salt. Both of these are reminiscent of a Bloody Mary, using tabasco to jump start you back to coherence. The last, found in Difford’s Guide, uses honey, Dewar’s whiskey, half-and-half, and milk. This is finally one I could get behind, perfect for drinking with a greasy diner breakfast.

Lastly is that bastion of brunches, the Mimosa. It uses a perfect combination of orange juice--supplying vitamin c and potassium--and champagne to gently lift the fog of your hangover. Why not pair it with a big stack of waffles, bacon, and country potatoes with gravy?!

Now, don’t forget to take it easy with the hair of the dog hangover remedies. A little will go a long way to curb your headache but too much will put you back where you started!

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