By McKenna Freiss
We're taking the time to check in on some of Overcup's prior interns to see where they are now and how their experience with Overcup influenced their careers. This Intern Friday, we're interviewing past publicity intern Dani Nicholson, who currently works as a content manager at the North America Marketing team! 


So tell us a little about what you've been working on since your time at Overcup.
Since my time at Overcup, I had a part-time copywriting position at a software company, Puppet, which was a great way to gain entry into the tech space; I was a Project Manager at Ooligan Press and helped publish their first romance book; I graduated from Portland State’s Master’s program for Book Publishing; and I accepted a position at HP as a Project Manager on the North America Marketing team in November 2020, although I recently moved to a Content position supporting the same team — and I love it.
What's something that surprised you about working for a publishing company?
I was a bit surprised by the tight-knit community among the small presses in Portland. It felt like everyone was really mindful of supporting each other, and it felt great to be a part of that.
What projects and titles did you work on when you were an intern at Overcup?
I primarily worked on Volcanoes, Palm Trees, & Privilege: Essays on Hawai’i by Liz Prato and Ground Truth: A Geological Survey of a Life by Ruby McConnell, and I enjoyed creating promotions for all of the backlist titles as well.
What skills did you gain from Overcup that helped prepare you for your current job?
So many! Project management, facilitating effective teamwork, market research, copywriting and copyediting . . . The list goes on.
We'd love to know - What's your favorite book? Also, what are you reading right now? And what's your most anticipated read on your TBR list?
     Favorite: The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel
     Currently reading: The Mystery of Mrs. Christie by Marie Benedict
     Most anticipated: Bunny by Mona Awad 
What are you looking forward to in the future?
I’m looking forward to developing my content marketing skills in the tech industry and then, ideally, re-entering the publishing world with that valuable experience. I’m also looking forward to attending in-person book launches again!
Thanks so much to Dani for sharing her experience with us! 
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