It’s a new year. Maybe you’ve made some resolutions, maybe you haven’t. But one thing is for sure--there’s a new distillery in town. And you need to know about them!


Freeland Spirits--a woman owned business--has been distilling and bottling their signature gin at Aria in Portland and is now in the process of opening their own shop on NW Vaughn St. While their grand opening party is rumored to be happening in May, they will be a part of a Galentine’s Day celebration next month to celebrate Handful’s new location and the First Annual Galentine’s Day Par-tay.

To learn more about Freeland--and you should!--read this recent interview from High-Proof PDX author Karen Locke. And make sure to check out Portland Night Market on February 9th & 10th to sample Freeland’s amazing gin!

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