Father’s Day wasn’t declared an official nationwide holiday until 1972, which is 58 years after Mother’s Day found a spot on our calendars. So, unless you’ve been stalling for fifty-some-odd years, there’s no need to feel guilty if Dad’s present is a tad delayed.

This year, you’d like to send a little something with that greeting card, but he’s already got a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug and a closet full of ties. Dads can be especially tricky to shop for. But don’t worry just yet! Check out some of our titles to see if one of these books will float Dad’s boat (because if you want to buy him a boat, you might want to hold out for his birthday.)


For the “fun fact” dad: The  Field Guide to Drinking in America.

the field guide to drinking in americaHistory meets travel in this factual rulebook by Niki Ganong, a sure hit for the dad who always brings trivia to the dinner table. (Bonus points if he likes beer, wine, or spirits in general.) Filled with colorful infographics and knowledge galore, this book breaks down each state’s unique liquor laws, which are more unique than you might expect. This one’s a sure hit for those who often start their sentences with Did you know that… because there’s a lot more to liquor laws than age requirements and Sunday sales.


For the dad who loves to invent: Buckminster Fuller: Poet of Geometry.


There are plenty of dads out there who spend ample time at their workbench, fiddling away with tools and creations. But this book would also delight an inventor of ideas, someone who often puzzles through solutions for humanity’s issues. Buckminster Fuller is a renowned scientist, artist, architect, and humanitarian who took on the “less is more” concept with many of his creations, like the geodesic dome. This beautifully illustrated biography by Cole Gerst celebrates Fuller’s achievements, a hit for Bucky Fuller fans and newbies alike.


For the dad who enjoys art: The Tall Trees series.

the tall trees of paris book release party

Art books might be nothing new to the art-loving dad, but these three books pack a punch. The Tall Trees of Paris, The Tall Trees of Portland, and The Tall Trees of Tokyoall by Hellion Gallery’s Matt Wagner – each showcase pieces from thirty to forty artists that live in these culture-centric cities. With large, beautiful prints and handwritten questionnaires of the artists’ favorite spots in town, the Tall Trees series is a flurry of inspiration and knowledge that’ll treat the art-lover’s right brain. (Bonus points if Dad is bilingual, as the Paris book is bilingual  in English and French, and the Tokyo book is in English and Japanese .)

Whether you put a bow on a book, a boat, a card, or a tie, all that matters is thanking Dad for all those years of parenthood. While you celebrate him this Sunday, make sure to thank President Coolidge for finally bringing this holiday to light… even if it was 58 years late.


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