It’s National Vodka Day! Vodka has quite a history and today’s vodkas are made from a variety of different things such as potatoes, wheat, corn, and even grapes. And while the origin of vodka is up for much debate, its popularity around the world is not. But vodka cocktails aren’t just a shaken Martini a la James Bond or a Cosmopolitan with Carrie Bradshaw and friends--there are plethora of cocktails that perfectly feature the smooth, subtle taste of vodka.

Cascade Russian (From Cascade Alchemy)
2 oz Cascade Alchemy Vodka
1 oz Cascade Alchemy Chai Tea Vodka
Light or heavy cream to taste

Crater Lake Berry Julep (From Crater Lake Spirits)
3 oz Crater Lake Vodka
Seasonal berries
Soda water

Tumalo Mule (From Crater Lake Spirits)
2 oz Crater Lake Sweet Ginger Vodka
1 oz Lime juice
1 oz simple syrup
Club soda

Oregon Mule (From Wild Roots)
2 oz Wild Roots Marionberry Vodka
1 oz Lime juice
Ginger Beer (such as Cock N’Bull)

Portland Blush (From Wild Roots)
1 oz Wild Roots Marionberry Vodka
Top with Prosecco, Champagne, or sparkling wine

Apple Ginger (From Cascade Alchemy)
2-4 oz Cascade Alchemy Apple Pie
2-4 oz Ginger ale
Lime juice

The Snow Bunny (From Rolling River Spirits)
2 oz Rolling River Coffee Spirit
4 oz heated Snow Bunny Mix
Whipped Cream
Chocolate shavings
*Snow Bunny Mix: 32 oz Vanilla Almond Milk; 1/2 cup milk chocolate chips; 1/2 bar Moonstruck Dark Chocolate Espresso; 3 oz espresso

Looking for new vodkas to try like Vinn Distillery’s Vinn Vodka, the first rice vodka produced in the USA? Pick up a copy of High-Proof PDX!
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