It’s been a few weeks since Tolly has been released in the world to be enjoyed by adults and children alike, but we’re still amazed by the effort, time, patience, and loving detail that was put into the book by creator Maryanna Hoggatt. After developing the character of Tolly, a brave battle raccoon, and writing his story, she sculpted his body and multiple different heads for Tolly’s different facial expressions, and created several miniature sets so that she could photograph him for the book. However, all that effort certainly seems worth it when you end up with such a gorgeous children’s book!

Tolly author and artist Maryanna Hoggatt creating hand-sculpted heads for Tolly the battle raccoon sculpture Images and sculpted head for the Tolly book by Overcup Press; author and artist Maryanna Hoggatt

A set sculpted, arranged, and photographed by Maryanna Hoggatt for her children's picture book Tolly from Overcup Press

Here are three of our favorite videos documenting Tolly’s creation and Maryanna’s astonishing attention to detail and creative ability.

  1. This behind-the-scenes where Maryanna creates Tolly’s bag and places the glowing Dream inside.
  2. This video of a monster cat knocking over a chair on set: 
  3. Maryanna adding all these lovely details to Tolly’s outfit: 

You can buy a copy of Tolly here.

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