Well, summer is definitely upon us. It’s easy to tell even without looking at a weather report. How? By seeing how many beer festivals are springing up across the country! In case you have a trip planned this July, or maybe you just get a wild hair for an impromptu road trip, be sure to check out these beer festivals. And definitely take along Niki Ganong’s award-winning The Field Guide to Drinking in America to check the drinking laws in the states you visit. Know before you go! (Featured image source)

July 8-10th: Seattle International Beer Festival (Seattle, WA)

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If you happen to be in the Pacific Northwest in July, definitely check this festival out! The Seattle International Beerfest (SIB) is a 3-day festival specializing in highlighting rare, hard-to-find beers. They’ll be showcasing up to 220 of these hidden gems, which the organizers have tracked down from all over the world. This year it’ll take place at the Fisher Pavilion & Lawn at the Seattle Center—a great venue since it combines great outdoor lawns and gives its visitors access to indoor restrooms (no portapotties!).

July 15-23rd: Ohio Brew Week Festival (Athens, OH)


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The Ohio Brew Week Festival is special because rather than containing it in one place, the festival takes over the entire town of Athens, Ohio. The event sets out to celebrate everything about Ohio brewing, focusing on the state’s remarkably diverse craft beer scene. Plus, the festival won’t just be in barsplenty of restaurants in Athens will also join in on the fun with special pairings and brew week deals. Whatever you do, don’t miss the annual Homebrew Competition on the 16th; it’s sure to highlight some special concoctions.

July 27-31st: Oregon Brewers Festival (Portland, OR)


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Largely considered the granddaddy of all summer beer festivals, the Oregon Brewers Festival is definitely a destination to consider. Along with being one of the longest-running beer festivals in the country, the OBF usually attracts around 80,000 beer lovers to Beervana (Portland, OR). The festival will house more than 80 independent craft beers on the Tom McCall Waterfront Park, along the Willamette River. Come for the beer, but stay for the live music and home brewing demonstrations!

July 29-30th: Stowe Brewers Festival (Stowe, VT)  


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You definitely won’t want to miss this one! The second annual Stowe Brewers Festival will feature more than 130 beers and ciders from over 40 breweries and cideries. The real draw, though, is their inclusion of spirits and wine as well as beers and ciders. This is the first year the festival is opening their arms to all forms of alcohol, which we’re sure will just add to the fun!

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These are just a smattering of the many brewing festivals offered in July, and just a taste of the festivals organized for the summer! For a more detailed list of all the fun, visit Beer Calendar’s official list. And if you do make your way out of state and get the urge to wet your whistle, don’t forget to bring your copy of The Field Guide to Drinking in America! Cheers!

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