The Boozy Book-Lover's Favorite Reads & Drinks: Ground Truth + Iced Whiskey Coffee

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Welcome to our summer blog series "The Boozy Book-Lover’s Favorite Reads & Drinks," where we bring back your favorite DIY drinks from summers past and pair them perfectly with our favorite Overcup Press titles! This summer, why choose between reading a good book or having a delicious, homemade cocktail when you can do both?

This week we're bringing you a drink that can be made with almost any Oregon-made whiskey! Our first pairing is the classic Iced Whiskey Coffee and our most recent title, Ground Truth by Ruby McConnell.

The sharp, smokey notes of the whiskey together with the earthy bitterness of the coffee make this pairing with Ground Truth a no-brainer. Starting with the cataclysmic eruption of Mt. Saint Helens in 1980 and covering the natural history of the Pacific Northwest, McConnell reminds us that our relationship with the earth and the land we live on is invaluable. Take this book outside, sit in the shade, and reconnect with the environment while you sip on the perfect blend of whiskey and coffee.

What You'll Need:

ingredients for iced whiskey coffee drink on display

  • Coffee (freshly brew your favorite grounds and put it in the fridge to cool)
  • Whiskey (use your go-to or try Vinn or Bull Run—to name a few!)
  • Creamer or sweetener (let us know what flavor you choose)
  • *For a fun topping, try whipped cream!


Step 1: Pour your cooled coffee over ice. Leave about 2 fingers worth of space at the top of the glass.


Step 2: Add a shot of whiskey.

Step 3: Top the drink with creamer or sweetener. Add to taste.


Step 4: Stir, add whipped cream if desired, and enjoy!


“My understanding of the region I was born to is much like my understanding of Mount St. Helens, based on observations and measurements made from a distance. But one thing is clear: The forces and situations that have shaped my life and those of everyone in the region are knitted to the land, to forces both in and out of our control. In the Pacific Northwest, the land is always the thing.” —Ruby McConnell

Ground Truth by Ruby McConnell sets slightly off-center of someone's lap


Don’t have your copy of Ground Truth yet? Order it here and enjoy it with your favorite beverage.

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