The Boozy Book-Lover's Favorite Reads & Drinks: Ice Cream Work + Mint Schnapps Shake

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 Welcome back to "The Boozy Book-Lovers Favorite Reads and Drinks," where we pair DIY drinks with our favorite Overcup Press titles.

This week we pair a drink that marries vanilla ice cream and mint schnapps with a playful, quirky book devoted to everyone’s favorite summer treat from childhood: the Mint Schnapps Shake and Ice Cream Work by Naoshi. 

This drink is perfect for the summer because it effortlessly combines the cold, sweetness of vanilla ice cream with the fresh, refreshing flavor of mint. It’s a perfect pairing for Ice Cream Work, which emphasizes the importance of imagination and creativity in our everyday lives—and there’s nothing more imaginative than putting ice cream in your nightly cocktail. Browse through this book’s gorgeous illustrations while you enjoy a cocktail that creatively showcases the very dessert that inspired them.

What You'll Need:Mint-Schnapps-Shake-ingredients

  • Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (I opted for non-dairy, but any will do). 
  • Peppermint Schnapps
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Mint leaves to garnish
  • Blender (or a tough arm for stirring)

Step 1: Put the ice cream into the blender. Use about half a pint per shot.


Step 2: Add schnapps.


Step 3: Add a splash of vanilla extract.


Step 4: Blend! Blend! Blend!


Step 5: Pour into a glass (you can add ice to keep it from melting if it's an especially hot day). Add a mint leaf garnish!


Step 6: Settle down with your copy of Ice Cream Work and enjoy!

ice cream work sits back in the frame surrounded by green leaves


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