It’s that special time of year when we once again dawn our costumes, trick those we can, treat the deserving, and celebrate All Saints’ Eve, better known as Halloween. This year, we take a scary look at what are considered some of the most iconic and haunted pubs and restaurants in Portland, Oregon.

Be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart.

White Eagle Saloon and Hotel

Picture of outside of the White Eagle Saloon and Hotel

This historic McMenamins building, located near Fremont Bridge on the Willamette River, is considered to be one of the most haunted buildings in Portland. Opened in 1905, the White Eagle saloon and hotel is frequented by at least two spectral patrons. Sam, a caretaker that died upstairs in room 2 of the hotel is said to open and close doors while Rose, a murdered lady of the evening, can be heard crying in room 3.

In addition, workers and guests have reported the sound of faint music playing, freezer doors that open and close, and toilets that flush by themselves. Even creepier, many have witnessed chairs moving across the room, coins that fall from the ceiling, and flying utensils in the kitchen. Perhaps the most chilling incident involved a waitress that was pushed down a flight of stairs by unseen hands.

Old Town Pizza and Brewing

Interior, looking at bar of Old Town Pizza and Brewing

Old Town Pizza and Brewing resides above Portland’s infamous Shanghai tunnels and is regarded as a hotbed of paranormal activity. The building, once the Merchant Hotel, has existed for over a hundred years. There have been numerous ghostly sightings but perhaps the most well known story involves Nina, a lady of the night that was thrown down an elevator shaft. It is said that Nina has been a guest of the building ever since. Guests have reported seeing a spectral image wearing a black dress in the dining and bar area. Employees have also reported being tapped on the shoulder only to find nobody present.

Kell's Irish Restaurant and Brewery

Interior bar of Kell's Irish Restaurant and Brewery

Also located above Portland’s Shanghai tunnels, Kell’s Irish Restaurant and Brewery has seen its share of unexplained occurrences. It is said that the basement, known as Kell’s Cigar Room, is frequented by a spirit named David Campbell. Campbell was a firefighter killed on duty and is known to appear to people wearing his complete firefighter uniform. In addition, many report televisions that mysteriously turn on by themselves, ghostly faces that appear in mirrors, and an ominous black cloud that moves from room to room.

Spend this Halloween with family and friends and be sure to visit these iconic haunted pubs and restaurants. Maybe if you're lucky, or unlucky depending, you might run into some of these scary spirits. And speaking of spirits, don’t forget to bring your handy drinking guide, The Field Guide to Drinking in America.

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