Imagine a place with all-you-can-eat ice cream, a pool full of sprinkles, edible balloons, and a chocolate fountain...sounds like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, doesn’t it? But for a while, this was no work of fiction, but a real place. Where, you ask, could you find all of these magical things? The Museum of Ice Cream. It popped up for a month in NYC this August, and tickets were—understandably—quickly sold out. 

The Museum of Ice Cream Pop-up in NYC meets Ice Cream Man of Naoshi's Ice Cream Work

Sure, we all would have liked a chance to visit the Museum of Ice Cream, but nobody would have enjoyed it more than Ice Cream Man from Naoshi’s Ice Cream Work. He would fit right in!

Naoshi Ice Cream Work Children's Book Cover

Ice Cream Man of Naoshi's Ice Cream Work

We can just imagine Ice Cream Man jumping into the magical-looking sprinkle pool, just as he jumped as his Tuesday job as a Party Popper. Do you think a Sprinkle-Jumper would pay more than 100 cream an hour?

Page of Naoshi's Ice Cream Work

Sprinkle pool from the Museum of Ice Cream Pop up in New York


He also would have worked as a cone-light just as well at the museum as he did in the book!

Museum of Ice Cream Pop Up in New York Cone Lights


Page of Naoshi's Book Ice Cream Man from Overcup Press

Ice Cream Man’s range is impressive, as are the delights shown in the pop-up Ice Cream Museum, as evidenced by these fun games:

 Picture of ice cream scoop see-saw at the Museum of Ice Cream pop up in New York from a New York Daily News article Visitors pose on an ice cream sandwich swing as they visit the Museum of Ice Cream across from the Whitney Museum on July 29, 2016 in New York City. The temporary museum dedicated to all things ice cream will be open for the month of August.

                             Source                                                      Source

Just like Ice Cream Work, the Museum of Ice Cream promises a fun and imaginative journey that teaches readers and visitors to enjoying their surroundingsand of course, to enjoy ice cream! We can only hope that at some point, the museum will pop up again so that Ice Cream Man can make an appearance! Look for Naoshi’s wonderful children’s book Ice Cream Work at Overcup Press and for a deeper look at the museum, check out this video.

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