Our favorite brave raccoon, Tolly, has been having adventures all over the country this summer!

First, he joined Overcup Press intern Clare in Chicago. There he visited massive buildings, gardens, and a lake. Tolly had never been to Chicago, and while new places can feel scary, Tolly stayed courageous.

Next, he ventured to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington, visiting Rialto Beach. Under cloudy and grey skies, Tolly explored the wild and untamed landscape of the oceanside.

Then Tolly’s trip took him to the wonderful High Desert of Bend, Oregon. Tolly loved all the animals he found at the High Desert Museum, making friends with beavers, otters, and horses.

Tolly’s adventures continue with you! Where have you taken Tolly? School, the park, a mountain top? Show us your adventures with Tolly on our Facebook or Instagram pages!

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