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We’ve said it before: Tilikum Crossing is Portland’s coolest bridge. That’s why we’ve rounded up the following clips, which provide glimpses into the bridge’s history, construction process, community response and more—with a musical light show and some fireworks thrown in.

1. Portland’s Spirit of Innovation: Tilikum Crossing: This video from the Portland Bureau of Transportation offers insights from Transit Manager Teresa Boyle and Signals and Street Lighting expert Peter Koonce on the design and functionality of this architectural marvel.


    2. Tilikum Crossing Comes to Life With Light and Music: This video, shared by The Oregonian, showcases TriMet’s inaugural lighting of the bridge back in 2015 with a music-synced rainbow light show.


    3. TriMet sends first electrified MAX train over Tilikum Crossing bridge: Another video from The Oregonian shows TriMet’s early test run process for sending electrified MAX trains over Tilikum Crossing.


      4. Tilikum Crossing Construction Timelapse: TriMet shows the entire construction process of the bridge in a fascinating 2-minute timelapse video.


      5. Tilikum Crossing Fireworks Spectacular - Portland, August 22nd, 2015: This dazzling video from Portland Streetcar, Inc. captures TriMet’s spectacular fireworks display in celebration of the opening of the Bridge of the People.


        6. The People’s Preview of Tilikum Crossing: This video features a sample of public responses following TriMet’s soft opening of the bridge, when 40,000 to 50,000 people “walked, biked or rolled over Tilikum Crossing during its public preview.”


          7. Light rail transit bridge named “Tilikum Crossing”: The name “Tilikum Crossing: Bridge of the People” was chosen after eight months of debate and nearly 10,000 suggestions from the community. Watch to learn the important history and implications of the name from local news station KOIN 6.


            For more on the bridge, check out All-Classical Portland’s Tili-Cam® and the thoroughly detailed Tilikum Crossing: Bridge of the People: Portland's Bridges and a New Icon, co-authored and illustrated by the bridge’s architect, Donald MacDonald.

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