Which hashtags are the best to follow to get the latest information on Overcup Press titles and news? Stick around to find out.

If you’re new to following hashtags you might be thinking to yourself, “I thought those were just fun things I get to put on my Instagram posts?” And you’re right, hashtags are fun things you can put on your Instagram and Twitter posts. Hashtags help your posts with searchability. For instance, if you're in the Pacific Northwest you might #pnw your post. Now, hashtags can do even more! 

By following hashtags you'll be able to see content, in your home feed, from anyone who uses that particular tag. If you're not already following @overcupbooks on Instagram and Twitter do that now and, if you don't want to miss any news about our current and upcoming titles, follow these eight hashtags: 


  1. #BeautifulBooksForCuriousPeople
  2. #TilikumCrossing
  3. #BuckminsterFuller
  4. #TallTreesofSeries
  5. #IceCreamWork
  6. #Tolly
  7. #HighProofPDX
  8. #FGToDrinking


Here's how to get started: 

Search screen on Instagram.

Head over to your Instagram app and then the search page.

Typed in hashtag to follow on Instagram.

Once there, type in the hashtag you want to follow and click on it.

Follow button screen on Instagram.

Lastly, you'll see the “follow” button to select. Once you do, there you go! You’re officially following the hashtag! 

 Now you’ll stay up to date about everything going on at Overcup Press.

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