With summer moving fast, we head into the hotter month of August! The outdoors is calling our name as we rush out of our air-conditioned homes to enjoy the warm weather before it goes away. To encourage an exploration of the outside world, Overcup has decided to contribute to the Little Free Libraries around the Portland Metro area! If you’re unfamiliar with these tiny book houses, let us clear the air. 

These Little Free Libraries exist by a “take a book, share a book” policy in order to foster a more tight-knit community around the world. With 90,000 sharing boxes in 91 countries worldwide, it is the largest movement of book sharing. In order to participate, simply place a book inside a sharing box on your way to work, class, or on a daily walk! It is an easy and quick way to share your favorite novel or declutter your home library. Most importantly, small acts of kindness and sharing can have a large impact on the learning and discovery of others. With these miniature libraries being so widespread and in our front yards, why not lend a book or two to brighten the life of another?

Overcup hopes to bolster and contribute to this movement in these last summer months by extending the sharing of books to sharing on social media. This is a great opportunity to connect with the people and books around you. Overcup will be placing custom bookmarks and titles in Little Libraries around Portland, Oregon. All information for the campaign will be printed on the custom bookmarks, so make sure to snag one for yourself to stay involved in the movement! It is with this information that you can share your finds on social media along with the Overcup community.

Check out your local sharing boxes over the course of the summer to find titles that could open up a whole new world outside of your reading scope. If you see our books or any other interesting finds, use the hashtag #LFLFinds and tag us to show the Overcup team and community what you unearth! While sifting through the sharing boxes, you could find titles of ours like TILIKUM CROSSING: BRIDGE OF THE PEOPLE by Donald Macdonald, HIGH PROOF PDX by Karen Locke, ICE CREAM WORK by Naoshi, and maybe a few more… so, explore your surroundings this summer. Don’t forget to leave a few of your own books in place of the ones you take so that everyone can benefit from these cool Little Libraries!

Happy book-sharing!

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