Portland, Oregon-based author Cole Gerst has long been a man of many talents, and his works can easily be encapsulated by the word ‘visionary.’ Gerst’s work spans the worlds of design, illustration, and writing, and he has worked with esteemed brands like Toyota, Urban Outfitters, and Keen. A long time admirer of 20th century inventor Buckminster Fuller, Gerst wrote and illustrated his first book, Buckminster Fuller: Poet of Geometry to pay tribute to Fuller and his geodesic dome. He has been highlighted by The New York Times and Wired Magazine, and his work was hailed as “amazing” by Portland Monthly.

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Buckminster Fuller-inspired Geometric Lamps @ Portland Monthly

Paying Tribute to the Mad Genius of Buckminster Fuller @ NY Times

Cole Gerst’s Amazing Buckminster Fuller Book @ Portland Monthly

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