We all know that feeling - that spark of excitement you get when something is so whimsical in the otherwise ordinary. Being drawn to inanimate objects as a child leads to an appreciation for the simple things in adulthood! Picking up that stuffed animal or blanket with fond memories attached to it. Coming across your favorite color in a mundane place. Taking that first bite of a really good meal. We grow in and out of these attachments. And we find meaning in the smallest of things and love them for simply existing. In turn, for valuing the ordinary, these newfound treasures bring us a simpler appreciation of what life has to offer.  

As adults in search of the fun, exciting, and colorful things in life, we can appreciate Tako the octopus’s journey in Tako Knows by Naoshi. Tako Knows is a visually stunning story about an octopus that shares his love of art, music, and food with those he loves in Tako City- an underwater world that inhabits more vibrant, joyful creatures. To live life to its fullest means slowing down and appreciating the things that bring you joy, whether it’s a home-cooked meal, a plush toy, or even a walk outside. There is an opportunity to share that love with those around you. 

Building connections starts with the inanimate, and sometimes we need that reminder that life can be vibrant and light. Full of excitement and creativity, Naoshi brings us on a visual journey created from colorful sand and thrusts us into a world that allows us to look at ordinary things and make them something whimsical.

Along with the picture book, she has created a DIY sandkit to help others make their own sand art. Perfect for any age, the Sunae DIY Kit is a creative way to immerse yourself into the world of Tako City and create art with a unique medium.

Tako Knows is available here.

Or treat yourself to an extra treasure. Purchase the book and sandkit together here.


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