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Ice Cream Work - Naoshi

Ice Cream Work - Naoshi

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Ice Cream Work: A Sweet and Colorful Adventure for Children and Art Enthusiasts Step into the whimsical world of Ice Cream Work, a captivating children's book that combines stunning Sunae sand art with a delightful story. Join the lovable ice cream cone man as he embarks on a week-long journey, navigating through a series of extraordinary jobs and encounters.

From becoming a traffic cone to transforming into a golf ball, the ice cream cone man's imaginative and creative solutions will inspire young readers to embrace their unique qualities. Internationally acclaimed artist Naoshi brings her distinctive style to life, crafting surreal characters in real-world settings bursting with vibrant colors and intricate details.

Each page showcases Naoshi's mastery of Sunae, using shiny colorful sand to create mesmerizing illustrations that captivate readers of all ages. Beyond the enchanting story, Ice Cream Work offers interactive elements that engage young minds. A Look and Find section challenges readers to spot hidden details, while a crafty How to Make Sunae guide invites children to try their hand at creating their own sand art.

Praised by renowned authors and art enthusiasts alike, Ice Cream Work is a celebration of Naoshi's unparalleled talent and boundless imagination. This meticulously designed book has garnered accolades, including the Gold Medal at the PubWest Book Design Awards, cementing its status as a visual masterpiece. Whether you're a fan of Japanese art, a lover of vibrant illustrations, or simply seeking a heartwarming story, Ice Cream Work promises to delight and inspire. Immerse yourself in Naoshi's fantastical world, where creativity knows no bounds, and discover the joy of savoring every page.

40 pages | ISBN-13   978-0983491736 | Illustrated picture book 42 color images

What people are saying about this book

“As adults, we tend to consume. . . . But in Ice Cream Work Naoshi invites you to participate in the art. That’s where the true storytelling happens.” - Tofugu

“The sort of book that could easily capture the imagination of kids drawn to the culinary fantasylands of Strawberry Shortcake or Candyland.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“[Ice Cream Work] exudes a loopy, anarchist joy: chronicling the adventures of a hard­working and stylish frozen dairy confection and his eclectically industrious week." – Dale E. Basye, author of the Heck, Where the Bad Kids Go series

Naoshi is a Los Angeles based artist from Japan. She uses colorful sand to create distinctive, surreal characters that inspire a whimsical perspective on life.  Having participated in numerous art shows around the globe, her original style is easily recognizable. In her effort to familiarize more people with Sunae outside of Japan, she has participated in a wide range of projects, commercial work, and children’s workshops. Ice Cream Work was developed from a drawing she made when she was seven years old called “Ice Cream Walked.” This is her first book.


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