Buckminster Fuller: Poet of Geometry

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 Step into the world of Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller - one of the 20th Century’s most celebrated inventors. This beautifully illustrated biography is full of colorful details that illuminate the man best known for inventing the geodesic dome, including a look at the Dymaxion car, the many technological advancements he patented for irrigation and housing. The only illustrated biography of Fuller, the book includes dozens of illustrations that showcase this visionary inventor known for his work in architecture, design, engineering, ecology, and energy. Buckminster Fuller: Poet of Geometry provides a captivating window into a man whose passionate creativity lives on through modern inventions and design.

Winner - Silver Medal - Nautilus Book Awards.

Hardcover | 144 pages | Full-color pages | 140+ images | ISBN 9780615873442

What people are saying about this book

“One of the most beautiful books about a designer, ever.” SolidSmack

“Cole Gerst celebrates the full spectrum of Fuller’s fascinating mental output.”                                                                                                          – Fast Company

"Illustrator Cole Gerst paints a cohesive picture of the icon's prescient approach to design." Cool Hunting

 About the Author

Cole Gerst is an award-winning art director, designer, illustrator, painter, and author living and working in Portland, Oregon. Gerst runs an independent design agency, Option-G Visual Communication, where his clients include Google, Toyota, Heineken, Vans, Nickelodeon, Target, and Urban Outfitters among others. A long-time Fuller fan, Gerst found that most depictions of Fuller’s ideas didn’t do them justice—inspiring him to write and illustrate his first book, Buckminster Fuller: Poet of Geometry.


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