Persian Delicacies: Jewish Foods for Special Occasions by Angela Cohan

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 Persian Delicacies: Jewish Foods for Special Occasions 

depicts the diverse culture and community of the Middle East through 100+ Iranian Jewish recipes. Angela Cohan invites the reader to share in an integral part of Middle Eastern culture – food. This collection of recipes from her mother, late grandmother, other members of her family, and her friends creates a colorful Persian tribute to her and her family’s heritage. 

    248 PAGES | ISBN-13:  978-1-73261-034-7)

    Includes over 100 recipes and dozens of full-color photos.

     Recipes include:

    • Aashé Anar (Pomegranate Soup)
    • Latkas
    • Dolmeh (Stuffed Peppers)
    • Ghormé Sabzi (Braised Beef with Herbs)
    • Khoreshé Beh (Quince Stew)
    • Baklava
    • Fig Cake


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