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There once was a raccoon who had to travel far and wide to protect a dream. He bravely set out for the place where dreams go to thrive, Heart Mountain. Along the way, he encounters many obstacles, but won’t be deterred.

In this gentle, visually beautiful story, Maryanna Hoggatt departs from traditional children’s picture books by weaving this tale using handmade miniatures, sculptures, puppetry, and photography to create a lush world, unlike any other picture book.

With lush sets and intricate detail, Tolly transports readers into a cinematic world reminiscent of a Laika movie set, where he finds the courage he needs to continue on in his journey. Children and adult lovers of picture books will find themselves stopping to admire the mysterious and whimsical creatures and backgrounds.

Winner - Bronze Medal - PubWest Book Design Awards 
32 pages | ISBN-13 978-0983491750 | 32 color images 

About the Author

Maryanna Hoggatt is an artist and author. Her Animal Battle work, of which Tolly is a part of, has shown at Hellion Gallery in Portland, Oregon and at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco. Crafted with incredible attention to detail, Animal Battle is a series of paintings and sculptures that appeals to adults and children alike. Tolly is her first picture book.

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