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Huzzah! You have landed on my landing page. I am Clyde, raconteur and the brains behind Clyde Custom Publishing. We are an enlightened group of publishing mavens ready and able to transform your melting pot of ideas into a stunning finished product that tells your story, digital or print.

We do it all (or as much of it as you would like us to handle): editorial, art direction, book design, marketing, distribution consultation, ebooks. Heck, we'll even develop your branded audiobook or Podcast - as well as hand-holding the project with the printer or digital channel, anywhere in the world. We customize our projects to fit your needs. From the words of wisdom of your CEO to customer stories to a training manual for 100 franchisees, Clyde makes your story memorable and actionable, and that little trick of ours translates into higher response rates, business growth, and increased brand affinity. 

We’ve been at this for a while. We got our training in classic B2B marketing for major corporations and marketing agencies, then segued into publishing. We've made a name for ourselves by publishing books on:

Visual Arts | Literary Nonfiction | Design | Travel | Food | Drink

The world has rewarded our very own Overcup Press with five national book design awards and a loyal following of rabid fans.

Unfortunately for us, Clyde Custom Publishing is not expensive. You pay but a small sum for our superb work. When we’re done, you own all files, rights, logos, URLs, et al.

Have questions? Great, we have already allotted you a slot in our busy schedule. Grant us a call or email note and we will fashion an irresistible quote.  

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Rachel Bell, Vice President, Clyde Custom Publishing

PHONE: 971-248-0716 (We're on West Coast time)