Our Story

Overcup Press is an independent book publishing company. Our press specializes in non-fiction titles on these subjects: literary nonfiction, art, travel, design, architecture, music, and epicurean titles.

Patrick McDonald is the founder and publisher of Overcup Press. He leads the creative vision of Overcup, working closely with authors, featured artists, designers and editors. He holds an M.A. in publishing from Portland State University and is also the co-author of Classroom Publishing, A Practical Guide for Teachers– 2nd Edition (Ooligan Press, 2010).

Rachel Bell is the co-founder and VP of Marketing & PR at Overcup Press. Rachel is responsible for everyday operations, marketing, and PR. With over two decades of experience marketing B2B and B2C businesses, Rachel's favorite job will always be her time as a bookseller. She is also a member of the PubWest board of directors.

Overcup Press Submissions Policy

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